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Daylight Hosts Queer Markets to Raise Money for LGBTQ+ Organizations

Team Daylight
If there’s one thing the LGBTQ+ community knows how to do, it’s celebrate in style. This past summer, Daylight hosted not one, but two queer-focused events designed to celebrate and give back to our community while providing a safe space for our LGBTQ friends and customers to cut loose and have a fabulous time.

The Daylight Queer Market took place in New York City on June 26, and in Oakland, California, on July 11. While each event was unique, both offered the perfect opportunity for the queer community to get together to enjoy live music and support local queer vendors for a good cause.

Daylight Queer Market in NYC

Our first Queer Market in New York was held on Saturday, June 26 at Dollar Bill BK, and hosted by drag queen Nicky Ottav. The event featured an afternoon market and live music in the evening from Emi Grate, i’m baby, Fabiana Gomez, Beaujangles and JAX.

The event was free to attendees, but we welcomed donations to benefit  local grassroots organizations supporting the LGBTQ+ community. We partnered with Marqueta to donate a cool $2,500 to The Next Generation Project, an organization dedicated to providing resources to Black and Brown trans folks.

Daylight is excited to support such a worthy cause, because it puts money directly into the hands of BIPOC LGBTQ+ folks to help them succeed. Some of their initiatives include:

  • TNG Relief Fund: TNG takes requests from BIPOC trans and non-binary folks for financial aid, no strings attached.
  • Scholarships: TNG awarded $500 scholarships in fall 2020 to three trans and non-binary students to help them reach their educational goals.
  • Microgrants: TNG gave away 10 grants of $1,000 each to BIPOC trans artists and activists in summer 2021.

Vendors at the market offered a wide variety of wares for queer folks and allies, including fetish clothing, upcycled sunglasses, live embroidery, gender-fluid clothing, jewelry and skincare.

Vendors at the market included Grisel Lopez, Alexandra Owensby, Sara Rutherford, J. Morrison, Carmen Eliana Hamer, Girl Strike, Nina + David, Aasia Tayor-Patterson, Lou Nouranjo, Jade Chalchiquetzalli, Geraldine Polanco, and Gnarly Casual.

Daylight Queer Market in Oakland, California

The Daylight x Disco Bottoms Up Brunch and Queer Market took place at 7th West in Oakland, California, on Sunday, July 11.

Entry was free, and there was a suggested donation of $10 per guest to benefit The Transgender District and its new Entrepreneurship Accelerator program.

This program is designed to help queer and transgender people of color start a business project in 2021. Participants in the program gain access to information sessions, webinars and mentorship. The program also offers free business tax filings, website creation, coaching sessions and a $3,000 seed grant for each participant at the end of the program.

The program’s tools are designed to set BIPOC transgender and queer folks up for success in their business endeavors.

We partnered with Marqeta again on this one to match donations up to $5,000.

Brunch was served to our first 100 guests, but all attendees had access to food and drinks through a touchless ordering menu. We kept it COVID-safe with masks as long as we weren’t eating or dancing, per 7th West’s house rules.

There was also music during the House Beats 2 Move Your Feets section. Performers included Chantski!, Corrine, Jays One, Major Trouble and Nova.

The Daylight Queer Market is one of our favorite examples of how we at Daylight support our fantastic community, and the two events held this summer were just a few of many successful events in 2021 — and these are just the beginning!

Catherine Hiles (she/her) is a writer, editor, mother, friend, and ally. She lives in Ohio with her husband, two kids, and sweet but wild pit bull mix.