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“Inclusion Is in Our Ethos” — a Q&A with Civil Jewelry Founder Blakely Thornton

Team Daylight
Today we’re talking with Blakely Thornton, the founder of Civil Jewelry, an inclusive and sustainable custom jeweler. Daylight is proud to partner with Civil through our Merchant Rewards Program, which gives you up to 10% cash back for spending at LGBTQ+ owned and allied businesses.

Daylight: Tell us a little about your business and what brought you to where you are now.

Blakely Thornton: My business was born out of the frustration of often being the only person of color or queer person in the room. For better or worse, I feel the need to speak my mind. It’s built into me on a molecular level. More and more often, I see the cultural capital we create and a community being used to create financial capital for the same demo (cishet white men). Civil is a way to take Trojan horse access to capital through everyday style. We invest 20% of our annual profits in minority/queer founders.

DL: What does community mean to you and your business?

BT: Community means people to lean on. Community means a place where ideas and projects are discovered and supported by like-minded individuals. Community is inclusion, and that’s the point of our brand.

DL: How has the LGBTQ+ community impacted your business?

BT: We’ve just done the soft launch for our gender neutral engagement rings, and the response has been OVERWHELMING. I think the phrase “you have to see yourself to be yourself” is true, agnostic of culture or creed.

DL: How has your business contributed to and/or engaged with the LGBTQ+ community?

BT: Our business is run by queer black men, so I feel like the inclusion is in our ethos, whether collaborating with queer women for our innagural shoot, or having the impact investing in queer founders embedded into our mission statement.