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Merchant Spotlight: Wunderkeks

Team Daylight
Wunderkeks is basically your childhood in a box. The Austin-based bakery ships delicious, handmade cookies and brownies nationwide — in the most delightful pink packages. Daylight is proud to partner with Wunderkeks through our Merchant Rewards Program, which gives you up to 10% cash back for spending at LGBTQ owned and allied businesses. We got to chat via email with the Wunderkeks team to learn a little more about their beginnings and their work with the LGBTQ community

Tell us a little about your business and what brought you to where you are now.

We’re an online bakery that ships cookies and brownies nationwide that grew from a farmers market stand to a multi-million dollar business, in big part thanks to the pandemic.

Hans [Schrei, co-founder] started baking at around age 4 with his mom and his siblings during Christmastime and never really outgrew it. It was the most cherished family tradition of all, and, frankly, the Schreis were good at it!

Hans has been the golden boy of cookies and pastry for many years. Hans is the type to clap in glee at the sight of a Strawberry Shortcake doll and never really understood why that would be a bad thing, so the whole mission of the company became to “feed your inner child,” and every recipe, label and Instagram post was made with this in mind.

Enter Luis [Gramajo, co-founder], the most successful Tinder date ever. He also claps with glee at happy things (different things, for good or ill) and had never, ever baked a cake, as a child or otherwise. But he instinctively understood what Wunderkeks was all about and the many ways this idea of preserving childlike joy and innocence were (are!) important. 

Together, Hans and Luis realized they could conquer the world, so they bought plane tickets from Guatemala (where they were born and raised) to Austin, Texas, which sounded like a great place to give Wunderkeks a home. They actually flew in and out six times in 2018, setting everything up for their move early 2019. After a year and a half here, the cookies have built quite a reputation — now they ship nationwide!

What does community mean to you and your business? 

We wouldn’t exist without a community, so for us it is really important, especially because all that we came with was a couple bags and our four dogs. That’s one of the reasons why we decided to move to Austin, Texas, because people here are very friendly and open minded. We’re experiencing acceptance, something we never felt before because of where we are from. It was hard to get used to living a “normal life” being ourselves and not hiding from anyone, definitely a really fresh start!

How has the LGBTQ community impacted your business?

The LGBTQ community has impacted our business in ways that we didn’t even imagine. We always say that the Wunderkeks we had 10 years ago in Guatemala was the “in the closet” version of our brand, but here, we have the “out of the closet” version. 

Here, Wunderkeks is everything it was meant to be: joyful, playful, colorful, accepting, welcoming and all the positive things you can imagine. It’s a brand that is planning to stay true to itself no matter what. 

How has your business contributed to and/or engaged with the LGBTQ community?

This year, for Pride, we had the amazing opportunity to work together with Dan Reynolds, the lead singer from Imagine Dragons. He and his wife ordered our cookies and fell in love with them. We got in touch with him and told him that we were a gay-owned business and that we knew about his foundation Loveloud, an organization that helps LGBTQ youth in Utah. 

It was very organic. We ended up teaming up with him and his organization, so during the month of June we donated $1 per dozen cookies that we sold. We ended up donating $15,000 to the organization! We believe that giving back to our community is very important and if we can make someone's path easier, we’re here for it

What does it mean for your business and/or to you personally to work with a platform like Daylight?

It means the world to us, maybe because where we come from, acceptance is not a given and we value that very highly. Every time we have the chance to contribute with anything LGBTQ-related we’re up for it. We’re a community that has suffered for years; acceptance and tolerance are better now but there’s still a huge way to go. So when we have the chance to raise our voices and do something that will give back to our community, we will do it!

Who’s your favorite queer icon (if you can pick just one!) and why?

The Golden Girls!!!!!! They were living life on their own terms when no one was, and they were happy about it!

What has you excited about the future?

Knowing where our business will be in the future excites us. We’re not just baking the best cookies ever here, we’re actually committed to make a change in the community. We want to demonstrate to the world that, even as minorities, we can be successful! Also, change excites us… that’s another thing that is exciting to think about, that one day we won’t be the “gay uncles” anymore, we’ll be just… uncles!