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Why You Need Queer Banking

Billie Simmons
We created Daylight to be the only bank account that rewards LGBTQ+ folks for spending in line with their values. We’re not only designed for LGBTQ+ folks but our chosen families and allies who want to put their money to work for themselves and for the LGBTQ+ community.

Our commitment is to not only provide you with great banking services, but to help you align your spending with your values. That means when you bank with Daylight, you don’t have to worry about accidentally supporting anti-LGBTQ+ or anti-trans initiatives. Chick Fil A anyone?

Doing the right thing is hard, and it’s hard to know who’s with us and who’s against us. Let us help. Here’s why Daylight is better for you, your community and your chosen family.

Better for your chosen family

You don’t have to be queer to want to do the right thing. Daylight is great for folks with queer kids, brothers, sisters, parents, cousins and best friends.

When you make Daylight your main bank account, and when you use your Daylight card, you’ll get all of the benefits of a Daylight member while also sleeping a little easier each night, knowing that you’re part of an ecosystem educating and supporting those people you care about.

Here’s some of the causes we’ve supported already

We’re a start-up, which means we’re at the beginning of our journey, but here’s some of the causes we’ve already supported in 2021.

– For the Gworls
– Point of Pride HRT fund
– Edie Windsor Coding Scholarship
– Next Generation Project
– Ali Forney Center

Plus every time a customer makes their 20th transaction, we make a donation to ACT UP to celebrate the heroes that supported our community through the HIV/AIDS crisis.