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Daylight Grow subscribers get Daylight Money, our members-only banking platform and debit card offering exclusive discounts to support your family planning journey.
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An account designed for queer families

Because building a family is expensive, Daylight Grow integrates with Daylight Money, the world’s first banking platform designed specifically for queer families.
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Put your chosen name on your account, no matter what your legal ID says.
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Earn points, discounts and rewards for family-building services.
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Get paid up to 2 days early when you set up direct deposit. 1
1 Early direct deposits will generally be posted on the day they are received, which may be up to two business days prior to the scheduled payment date. Some direct deposits may not be eligible for Early Pay. Early Pay may be delayed due to fraud prevention screening, system processing, or account restrictions.
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Financial tools to set you up for success

Starting a family is a big investment. Daylight is ready to support your financial journey.
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Manage your account on-the-go with our mobile app.
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Make transfers, connect your paycheck and use your Daylight card online and in stores.
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Know you’re covered by FDIC deposit insurance up to $250,000, total, through our partnership with Pathward, N.A., Member
2 Funds insured up to $250,000 through Pathward, N.A., Member FDIC. Visa's Zero Liability policy does not apply to certain commercial card and anonymous prepaid card transactions or transactions not processed by Visa. Cardholders must use care in protecting their card and notify their issuing financial institution immediately of any unauthorized use. Contact your issuer for more detail.
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Supercharge your savings goals

Open a Daylight account to track your savings and make informed decisions about your finances.
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See upcoming financial milestones and share these with your family creation team.
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Auto-deposit your paycheck to get 25% off your Grow membership. 3
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Prepare for your new family member with budgeting tools and tips.
3 This optional offer is not a Pathward product or service nor does Pathward endorse this offer.
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Daylight Grow

Daylight Grow offers content, planning tools, and impartial advice guiding you through every step of the family-building process.
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